Lynette Carveth Resume

      Born in Truro in the UK, I am a graduate of the ROYAL ACADEMY OF MUSIC and hold the titles GRSM (Hons) LRSM. I am resident in Madrid, Spain and was a member of the Radio television Chorus for 2 years before joining the TEATRO REAL OPERA CHORUS and performed more than 20 productions there.
As a solo performer, I have sung for many company events such as for Red Clara, Norman Broadbent, C&A, Rank Xerox, the Spanish ministry and so on, and in such venues as the SPANISH NATIONAL AUDITORIUM, The Cathedrals of ALGIERS, GLOUCESTER and TRURO and the HOTEL RITZ, Madrid. I also work regularly for the SPANISH ASSOCIATION OF SYMPHONIC COMPOSERS, premiering contemporary pieces, some of which have been composed especially for me. Composers include Jose Luis Greco, Francisco Otero and Alejandro Yagüe. As representative of this association, I have collaborated with the UNIVERSITIES of MADRID, GRANADA and RIVERSIDE CALIFORNIA as well as the Association of Music Teachers in NEW YORK.
With my own company, CAPRICI ARTE Y MÚSICA I presented three of my shows within the Madrid theatre circuit and played a season at Madrid’s TEATRO VICTORIA. The scripts were written by me as well as directing and producing them myself.

More recently, I have been performing as a pianist/vocalist and provide light Classical and easy listening music for dinners and cocktail parties. I also have a programme of early Spanish music which has proved popular with tourists.
I distinguish myself as a Classical singer and focus on a repertoire suitable for my voice. My programme includes Napolitan song, popular opera, musical favourites from the 1920s to present day as well as film music and contemporary piano solos.

As well as live performing, I RECORD and WRITE THE LYRICS for the Italian musician ANDREA SORU (TASTE OF DREAM) and have several recordings available on the Internet.

Updated:  November 12, 2019

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