Koen Dejonghe Resume

      I write for professionals as well for amateurs for every instrumental combination in different styles. There are tonal melodic pieces, arrangements of famous themes and new contemporary works. At the age of 8, I took pianolessons and started improvising and wrote short pieces. I studied at the Lemmens Institute in Louvain (Belgium)where I received a diploma in Piano and Music Education. Subsequently I earned my Higher Diplome for Chamber Music ( Royal Conservatory in Antwerp) as well as First Prizes in Fugue and Composition. I was awarded first prize in the Belgian Composition Contest for Chamber Music. For my "Second Stringquartet" I received the tri-annual Jef Van Hoof Prize and was also Laureate of the Composition Contest of the Belgian Royal Academy. In the International Contest of 'Song Expo' I won Awards for the best orchestration. Like many contemporary composers, I seek points of contact with a musical past which can be the starting point for new ideas. From rock and pop for instance, I draw the directness with which this music conveys its emotion. My preferred group is the Prog-rock band YES. I saw them already 8 times live.

There are already some 80 works, from orchestral work to solo instrument, from chorus to song. I'm a teacher Chamber Music and Composition at the Flemish Music Academies in Antwerp and Sint-Niklaas (Belgium) and was 20 years teacher in the Conservatory of Antwerp. My wife is violiniste and we have two little daughters and a son who like to sing, especially very early in the morning!

Updated:  August 12, 2012

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