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Crag Jensen/Craig Quiter
10511 Maltbie Road
Gowanda New York
Cell Phone - (716) 720 0875
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To use my various musical and entertainment skills and abilities to entertain nightclub, restaurant and show-room guests.
Related Work Experience:
Nineteen years performing as a dueling pianist and entertainment director for several nightclubs around the country. My responsibilities here included: playing the piano and singing songs upon request, engaging and entertaining various size crowds in a nightclub setting, evoking a large degree of audience participation from the guests, creating new comedy skits in which various members of the audience could come to the stage and participate. I also hired and trained other pianists. (1990 – present).
I also have extensive experience as a solo performer in a wide variety of venues. These venues include nightclubs, casinos, restaurants, private parties, conventions, churches and coffee houses.
Six years of running and managing my own production company (TMT Productions). My responsibilities here included: Composing, performing, recording and engineering musical pieces for a variety of purposes (enhancement of instructional CDs, movie trailers, background music (libraries) for television and movies, self promotion and general release.) In addition to this – I had to upgrade and repair computers, run advanced software for various music, audio, graphics and publishing programs. Also, I had to balance the company's books and deal with all financial issues as well as procure business. (August 1990 – present)
One year as Head Jingle Producer at Network 30. My responsibilities here included: Composing, performing and producing commercial jingles for radio and television airplay. (1986 in Phoenix Az)
One and a half years working for Z Street Music. . My responsibilities here include: Contributing to a movie and television music soundtrack library. (February 2005 – present)
Experience as a character in a supporting role in a motion picture.
Experience in theatre (as an actor) on a high school and college level.
Experience as a solo performer in various nightclubs, churches, coffee houses and casinos.
Music – Thirty-three years experience as a professional musician (pianist, vocalist and guitarist) and a Bachelors in Music Theory & Composition. One year teaching advanced Music Theory classes as a student fellow.
The ability to play classical, jazz, rock, country and standards on the piano.
The ability to play pop, rock and country on electric and acoustic guitar.
The ability to sing in various musical styles as a lead vocalist and backup singer.
The ability to compose classical, jazz, pop and classical music. The ability to create, perform, record and produce music backdrops for television, film, radio and live performances.
The ability to read and write music as well as “play by ear.”
The ability to reproduce music I hear – whether in the studio or in a live setting.

Seventeen years experience as a dueling pianist and entertainment director. This requires the ability to solicit a large degree of audience participation, learn, master and memorize a large number of songs, sing and play piano in a wide variety of styles, multi-task a variety of activities while on stage, learn and/or create new comedy skits. Work in tandem with a wide variety of piano partners.
The ability to engage large groups of people with my skills as not only a musician and singer but as a humorist as well. I am also a published author.
Past Work Experience
Live Music, Solo and Dueling Pianos
The Jewel of the Seas –August – September - 2012
The Enchantment of the Seas – March – July 2012
The Navigator of the Seas – November 2011 – April - 2012
The Grandeur of the Seas – October & November - 2010
The Bull's Head Pub/Texas Boogie – Boise Idaho - April 2009 - Present
Pat Obrien's – San Antonio Texas – May 2007 – January 2009
The Time Out Bar & Grille – Painesville Ohio - January – March 2007
Cebar's Bar & Grill – Madison Ohio - January – March 2007
The Comix CafΓ© – Buffalo New York – January – March 2007
The Waterhouse - Peoria Illinois – various times in 2006 & 2007
Crocodile Rocks – Norfolk Virginia – June – August 2006
Rum Runners – Ft Wayne Indiana – September 2005 – June 2006
Deja Vue – Bentonville Arkansas – July – 2005 – August 2005
Sunset Ribs Dueling Piano Bar - Niantic Connecticut - June 2005 and July 2005
Before 2005 – Lil Ditties in Phoenix and Gulfport, several Rum Runners and Banana Joes across the country and DJ's Dugout in Omaha etc.

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