Rodrigo Rodriguez Resume

      Born in 1978, Argentina. Rodriguez spent most of his childhood in
Spain (island of Majorca), arriving there in 1988. From an early age,
he started to study modern and classical music.

Rodrigo started his professional musical career in Spain, he came
across his first asian instrument the Shakuhachi flute (a Japanese
bamboo flute, used by Buddhist monks in meditation practices).
Fascinated by the Japanese music, he travelled to Japan several
times to learn more.

He studied under the lineages of Katsuya Yokoyama in the International
Shakuhachi Kenshu-kan School and travelled around
the world learning about traditional instruments from Japan, China,
India, Iran and Thailand. His interest in traditional and ethnic
musical instruments began before he reached his teenage years.

Rodriguez' compositions can be divided into three basic categories,
New Age, World Music, and Contemporary music.

From his earliest years Rodrigo had a vision for imitating the music
and sounds he heard in his mind, since he traveled widely, he
acquired a rare collection of experiences from which to create his
unique compositional language.

Since 2004, Rodrigo has been the first musician in Japan to
introduce innovated and developed instruments from European
countries (Hang Drum), which significantly influenced to his music,
composition and Japanese audiences altering the perception and
textures of 21st century sounds.

His concept is not to use those instruments in a native way,
respecting the own spirit of each instrument, and does not forget his
roots as Spanish musician.

In 2006 some of the pieces of the album "Inner Thoughts" was
licensed, arousing interest of a recognized record company,
Gemini Sun Record based in Los Angeles, CA.

Rodrigo has in recent years performed numerous concerts in the
West and East, at legendary stages like Imperial Hotel Tokyo and
NHK Culture Center of Japan.

Updated:  May 5, 2008

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