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Stephen C. Moore
Windcrest, TX
(830) 356-6800

General information:
I am a classically-trained clarinetist who is in-demand in the San Antonio, TX area. I have studied the clarinet comprehensively and have built a reputation as a committed, dependable, professional performer. My primary passion is orchestral playing and my current goal is to win a permanent seat in a semi-professional regional orchestra.

Principal teachers:
Bradford Behn, mouthpiece designer, principal clarinet, Oklahoma City Philharmonic, 2020-2021
Larry Mentzer, former principal clarinet, San Antonio Symphony, 2016-2017
Laroy Borchert, retired professor of clarinet, New Mexico State University, 1997-2012
John Nielsen, freelance saxophone and clarinet artist, Southern New Mexico 1991-1997

Masterclasses and/or brief study:
Stephen Girko, principal clarinet, Austin Symphony
Ricardo Morales, professor of Clarinet, Juilliard School (online studies at ArtistWorks)
John de la Paz, freelance soloist
Elsa Ludewig-Verdehr, retired professor of clarinet, Michigan State University
Richard Shanley, retired professor of clarinet, Baylor College
Edwin Riley, retired professor of clarinet, UNC Greensboro
Christopher Jones, principal clarinet, West Point Band
Robert Spring, professor of clarinet, Arizona State University
David Ross, retired professor of clarinet, University of Texas El Paso

International Clarinet Association Young Artist, 2003 Salt Lake City, semifinalist

Lone Star Philharmonic, 2nd/Eb clarinet, 2018-present
Symphony Viva, 2nd/Eb clarinet, 2018-present
Incarnate Word Orchestra, principal clarinet, (2015-present), 2nd clarinet (2014)
Mozart Festival Orchestra, principal clarinet (2018-present), 2nd clarinet (2014)
Heart of Texas Concert Band, Eb clarinet, 2013-present
Prickly Pear Clarinet Ensemble, Eb clarinet, 2015-present
Pear Slices Clarinet Quartet, Eb clarinet, 2017-present
El Paso Wind Symphony, 2nd chair clarinet/substitute Eb, 2006-2013, bass clarinet substitute (1995-1998)
Edge of Texas Concert Band, principal clarinet, 2009-2013
Las Cruces Symphony, 3rd clarinet/bass clarinet, 2000-2004
Roswell Symphony, substitute 3rd clarinet/bass clarinet, 2000-2001
New Horizons Symphony, principal clarinet, 2012
El Paso Symphony, #3 on call list, 2007-2013
Southwest Chamber Winds, 2nd clarinet, 2013
NMSU Symphonic Winds, bass clarinet 1997-1999, principal clarinet/Eb clarinet, 2000-2004
NMSU PRIDE of New Mexico Marching Band, 1997-2000
NMSU Roadrunner Revue, 1998-2004
Dona Ana Lyric Opera, Principal/2nd clarinet, 1997-2004
Phatgeoque Clarinet Quartet, 1998-2001
Numerous pickup groups for concerts and recordings

Recitals in 2001, 2003, 2004, 2006, and 2009.

Weber Concertino performance in March 2018 with Orchestra of the Incarnate Word.
Weber Concerto No. 1 performance in November 2018 with the Heart of Texas Concert Band.
Mozart Concerto, K. 622 performance in December 2019 with Orchestra of the Incarnate Word.

Prickly Pear Clarinet Ensemble ( has performed at 3 ICA ClarinetFests, 2016 in Lawrence, KS, 2017 in Orlando, FL, and 2019 in Knoxville, TN; 2 Baylor clarinet conferences, TMEA 2016 and other San Antonio venues.

Bands I've performed with have been featured at Midwest, CBDNA, TMEA, and TBA.

I own Eb, C, Bb, A, and bass clarinets.

Updated:  November 10, 2021

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