Jj Johnson Resume

      Guitar,bass ,harmonica and LP Percussions. I started playing music at an early age in the church.After playing with many professional gospel groups (civic centers,auditoriums,tv game shows,etc.)I moved on to the marine corps And played with small bands in SC and over seas In "Cuba ".After leaving the armed forces I went to college for two years and got my AAS degree with music as my minor.And I played in the college big jazz band.After I left college I played with a bass player from the "Count Basie band ",and other R&B group bands in the Birmingham,Alabama area.Many years later I started driving big Trucks for a few years,and then back to playing music off and on. Later I moved to N.D.by way of trucking,and also playing with bands in the area ,and surrounding states.JJJohnson,701-330-3614.Email:jhnsnjingles@aol.com

Updated:  January 16, 2017

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