Noah Peterson Resume


1986-2003: Private Tutoring: Sax, Clarinet, Flute.
1990-1991: Substitute Music Teacher, School District Number 2 in Billings, MT.
2004-2007: Member of the Young Audiences roster of performing artists.
2011-present: Presenter of Professional Musicians Workshops

Musical Ensembles:

1991-1994: USMC Field Band 29 Palms, CA - Saxophone, Clarinet, Section Leader (concert,
marching, jazz combo and big band performer, arranger, copyist, featured soloist)
1992-1994: Aftershock - Saxophone
1992-1994: Desert Heat - Saxophone
1994-present: Freelance recording and performance artist for Funk, Jazz, Blues, Rock, Folk,
African, Reggae, Gospel, Classical, Avant-Garde and Art ensembles
1994-1996: Marylhurst Big Band - Saxophone
1995-1996: Pacific Crest Wind Ensemble - Saxophone
1996: Mt. Hood Festival of Jazz union band backing The Temptations - Saxophone
1998: Featured performer with Thara Memory and the Marylhurst Symphony.
1994-2002: Miles Ahead - Bandleader, composer, arranger, saxophone
1994-present: The Noah Peterson Duo/Trio/Quartet/Quintet/Acid Jazz Experience -
Bandleader, Saxophone, composer, arranger
1999-2000: Chuck Adkins and the Easy Money Band: Saxophone
2000: Sax quartet arrangement used for concert and contest material (High School) in
Billings, MT. Big Band arrangements sent to Great Falls High School in Montana for their library.
2000-2001: Grunglefunk - Bandleader, Composer, Saxophone
2000-2001: Invisiblink - Saxophone, Congas
2000-2002: Dafunk - Saxophone, Arranger, Section Leader
2001-2001: [sic] - Saxophone
2001-2002: The Reverend Evan Hadley - Saxophone, Manager
2003-Present: Band leader for the Electric Blues Band
2003-2006: Brian Chevalier & the Electric (Acoustic) Blues Band: Saxophone
2003-2007: Fools in Paradise: Marimba, Kalimba, Hosho, Sax, Flute, Pennywhistle, Vocals,
Business Manager
2004-present: The Noah Peterson Soul-Tet - Band leader, Saxophone, composer, arranger
2004-2006: Alan Claassen - Saxophone, percussion
2004-2006: Obeyjah and the Pearls: saxophone, business adviser
2004-2005: Itawe: saxophone
2005-2010: Voodoo Mountain Zydeco: Rubboard, saxophone, Vocals
2005: Forest Grove Community Theatre "Music Man" Saxophone, flute, clarinet
2006: Jesuit High School "42nd Street" Saxophone, flute, clarinet
2006-2010: Will West: Saxophone, percussion, vocals
2006-2008: The Infinitia Art Ensemble, Saxophone, percussion, composer, arranger,
2007: J. Malem Band: Saxophone
2007: Saxophonist for No Kidding Choir
2007-2011: Saxophonist for NW Community Gospel Choir
2007-2011: Saxophonist for Remember The Hope Christian Fellowship Praise Team
2009-2010: The Group: Saxophone
2009-2010: The Tanner Cundy Band: Saxophone, manager
2010-present: Emmett Wheatfall: Saxophone, composer, manager
2011-present: Solo Sax Sessions: touring/educational program
2012: Founded the NW Loopfest
2012-present: Tip the Band: washboard, vocals, manager
2013-present: Rod Nightingale and the C4 InFluenZ: Saxophonist
2013: Founded the San Antonio Loopfest


2013 Dick Weissman "Near and Far"
2013 Noah Peterson "Solo Sax Sessions"
2013 Tip the Band "Beer Drinkin' Songs"
2012 Noah Peterson "Music for Film Vol 1. Sax & Bass"
2011 Emmett Wheatfal "I Loved You Once"
2010 Emmett Wheatfall "When I Was Young"
2010 Alan Claassen "Since Yesterday"
2010 Tanner Cundy "King and Queen"
2009 Will West "Acoustic Sampler"
2009 Voodoo Mountain Zydeco "Melody and Shine"
2008 Dick Weismann: "Four Directions"
2007 Noah Peterson: "Duos & Trios"
2007 Noah Peterson: "Live at Marylhurst Drive"
2006 The Brothers Ipp: "Domesticated Primates"
2006 Noah Peterson: "Bump""
2006 Fools in Paradise: "The Other Side of the Sky"
2006 Will West: "Shine"
2006 Voodoo Mountain Zydeco "Sugar Skulls""
2005 Kevin Ferguson: "Subtle Hint"
2005 Sky in the Road: "Where Everything is Music"
2004 The Noah Peterson Quartet "Live at Biddy McGraw's"
"A Downbeat Featured CD" Sept - 04
2003 Faces of Valor (Benefit compilation for veterans) Grunglefunk "Funk'n'A"
2003 The Reverend Evan Hadley
2001 Miles Ahead, "Live at the Zebra" (online only)
2000 Invisiblink "Super Cargo"
2000 Miles Ahead, "Milepost 1"
2000 Grunglefunk "American Housewives: Cuz They're Fat "
1996 Lazarus Rose "Lazarus Rose"
*miscellaneous sessions/demos/non-commercial recordings not included


1991-1992 Armed Forces School of Music, Norfolk, VA,
1994-1998 Marylhurst University, B.A. Music


2013: Awarded Grant from the Regional Arts and Culture Council to compose,
produce, perform and record Emmett Wheatfall's "Poetry and the Blues"
2010: Included in the book "Making a Living in you Local Music Market"
2010: Included in the book "Understanding the Music Business"
Billy Miller Short Film "Open Mic" (Grunglefunk) 2 songs included, appeared as an extra
Music Video for Grunglefunk - unreleased
2008 - Musician of the Month for the Jazz Society of Oregon
2008 - MC for the Millesime 2008 Jazz and Wine Festival
2008: interviewed for inclusion in t

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