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Jason Chua , who was awarded the outstanding performance by Trinity College London year 2008, Penang. Holds a Masters of Arts degree in Piano Pedagogy and Performance from the University Sains Malaysia, Penang. Also obtained his Associate and Licentiate Diploma from the Trinity College London. He is based in Penang and is a very active solo performer and accompanist in the region namely, Traders hotel, events, functions and so on.†

Trained first as a Biotechnologist specializing in†DNA and RNA cloning from University Sains Malaysia, without giving up the interest and passion in music, he finally pursued his masterís degree in music under the training of Dr. Jason Tye and Dr. Yumi Yoshioka.†

As a soloist and accompanist, he has performed several recitals in Penang, was invited by Dr. Razak Aziz to perform a piano reduction opera, "Mariah Zaitun" (world premiere) with a prestigious soprano, Miss Ranko Kurano. He is an active accompanist for soprano, Ranko Kurano in the two nights event of Georgetown Heritage Festival 2010, Penang.†

Gave his first solo recital at the Dewan Sri Pinang for a Charity Show in aid of Mouth Miriam Cancer Hospital, Penang on 29th December 2010.

Also participating in Northern Jazz Ensemble as a modest jazz pianist, performing for the Georgetown Heritage festival 2011.

Besides being an active performer, Jason Is active as an educator, sharing his passion of music with other enthusiasts.†

Updated:  July 28, 2011

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