Gilbert Yammine Resume

      He began his studies in Qanun and music at the
age of 10 at the National Higher Conservatory of
Music in Beirut.
In 2000, he graduated with excellence and became
a member and a soloist of the National Lebanese
Orchestra for arabic-oriental music.
In 2003, he was named professor of Qanun at the
Conservatory of Beirut.
In 2005, he participated in the international "Al
Boustan" festival held in Lebanon with his trio
(Qanun – Oud – Riqq), as well as concerts around
the Arab world and Europe.
Being influenced by the Turkish technique of playing the Qanun which
involves using ten fingers, he is credited as the first Qanun player in
Lebanon to have evolved the instrument's technique by introducing the
Turkish method into the arabic-oriental style of playing.
Since his moving to Germany in 2007, he has become a member of
“L'Ensemble de la Paix” in Paris, with which he tours Europe
accompanying the renowned Lebanese singer S. Marie Keyrouz. He also had concerts in Germany with the Sarband Ensemble lead by Dr Vladimir Ivanov.
In summer 2007, he took part in a workshop for contemporary music composed by the Lebanese artist Zad Moultaka in
Paris. There, he had the opportunity to merge two different worlds of
music: traditional melodic and contemporary atonal.
At present, he is pursuing his higher education in the University of Ulm,

Updated:  September 2, 2008

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