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I started music lessons at the age of 7.  I learned most of my music from Ken Ascot my church choir director. At conservatoire I majored in Clarinet, but also did a degree with Piano as the major. I received  a scholarship to attend Trinity College of Music in 1969. I studied with Bernard Keeffe, Franco Ferrara, Anthony Lindsay (who was a student of Michelangeli) and Paul Harvey, of the London Saxophone Quartet. I even got accepted by the Great One himself, Bernstein, but unfortunately due to his ill health it never came to fruition! After teaching in private schools in the UK for 15 years  I emigrated  to Canada, where I have been writing ever more music for professional musicians, amateurs and my children. I have been artistic director of 3 choirs, and 3 orchestras here in Canada, and currently conduct a choir and an orchestra in Montreal. 

My musical tastes and styles vary considerably, having played in rock bands and symphony orchestras, and sung in several choirs. I have directed musicals, and played in them, and operas, madrigal ensembles, and youth orchestras...played percussion in show orchestras, and symphonies....I have even been the resident piano player in a fancy restaurant! 

Out of my list of top ten works I should like to have conducted, 6 remain.......
I have conducted Bach's St Matthew Passion several times, Verdi's Requiem twice. Beethoven's Ninth several times and the B minor Mass....but unfortunately not Elgar's Dream, nor Mahler's 2nd etc.

I have written a symphony, symphonic suite, music for viola and strings, cantatas, songs, orchestral and instrumental music, for film, tv, radio and the concert hall.
I haven't written for video games or composed any ringtones.....yet!

Updated:  March 7, 2012

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