Gevorg Sargsyan Resume

Gevorg Sargsyan was born at the very young age in the family of musicians. Since 3 years old he'd like to play games with his friends. Later he also liked to play Lego, cello and football.

When it became apparent, that playing cello makes more sense than football, Gevorg embarked on a somewhat challenging educational path. Having a Principal Choirmaster of the Armenian National Opera and Ballet Theater at home in a role of his father, and an opera singer in the role of his mother Gevorg soon realized, that conducting is something he really wants to do.

Some people were saying his is very musically talented, and some insists that he is rather overconfident. Agreeing with both, Gevorg has celebrated his 18th birthday with letter of acceptance from Yerevan State Conservatory's Orchestral conducting department. Here he studied in the class of prof. Yuri Davtyan, not very well known conductor throughout the world, but not least great though.

While studying, he didn't like all the subjects, and was choosy on what lectures he should go, as he also was working as a cellist in Yerevan Symphonic Orchestra. That didn't prevent him from winning a place of a resident student conductor of Conservatory's Symphonic orchestra, where Gevorg started to gain some real experience. The latest played a crucial role in 2002, when Gevorg has admitted to Vienna Conservatory to continue his education with prof. Maximillian Cencic.

Upon graduation Gevorg was back to Armenia, where he started to work in the Armenian National Opera and Ballet Theater as a conductor. Despite of many rumors, that he is too young to conduct operas, Gevorg actually did well. Feeling, that there is time to make some milestones, Gevorg has founded a Yerevan Youth Chamber Orchestra and soon CD recordings under AMC label followed. The orchestra has also been chosen to participate in the production of opera “Magic Flute” in Aberdeen International Youth Festival, UK in 2006.

Sometime later, Gevorg was awarded a Sir. George Solti Foundation grant for 2006, and was off to Italy to participate in master class for professionals with professor Domenique Ruits of Paris Conservatory. Soon more engagement followed, and Gevorg has been spotted conducting Valencia Junior Philharmonic Orchestra, Lviv Symphonic Orchestra, Armenian Opera Orchestra in different countries in different times. In 2007 he went to Valencia, Spain to conduct an international master class, organized by “Rivera Musica”.

In 2008 Gevorg has left Armenia, and relocated to Singapore. Here he is working in Tanglewood Music, teaching conducting and cello. He also does conduct different orchestras and giving a master classes in Singapore and the South East Asia region.

Since Gevorg doesn't have a Facebook account, he prefers to spend his free time with his family, his beautiful wife Ani (a prominent violinist by the way) and daughter Paloma.

Updated:  May 18, 2012

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