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      Wow - a resume? Well, I've been playing since I was 6 or 7, my parents both played. I took lessons for a while, but lost interest in the classical/composition pieces that were 'next in line' for those taking lessons, so I continued playing by ear.

I grew up in Green Bay, WI and attended St. Norbert College - always was involved in music (singing groups, musicals, etc), always playing piano and listening to what the evolution in music provided and emulated it on the keys. After college, I've still remained very involved in music, playing with a few bands, and a longer term stint with "Let Me Be Frank's" - a 15 year staple in the Green Bay area, providing entertaining theme-based shows for Northeast Wisconsin. I also have performed with Daddy D Productions as well as other small groups.

Over the past 6 years, I've really fallen in 'heavy like' with opportunities to create special events for groups who want a fully custom, unique piano (and sometimes vocal) experience for their special event. I've worked with area businesses, organizations, and individuals putting together music that they prefer for their company outings, Christmas/Holiday or other Theme parties, weddings, birthday parties, lady's nights, reunions, anniversaries, open mic nights, or any other occasion people want to celebrate.

As I play predominantly by ear, there is really no music out that I'd be afraid to take a stab at. Events that I've played for have been as tame as a group having dinner listening to New Age Piano accompanying the friendly and fun conversation between friends to rip roarin' songs of an era, with me (or you or friends) singing what we remember of the words from back when.

Get a hold of me, and I'll work with you to put together an event that you and your friends will always remember.

(920) 360-1800

Updated:  September 26, 2012

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