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Rixon Thomas is today one of Australia's leading musicians. Since the age of 21 he has held tenure positions as an oboist in the Sydney Symphony Orchestra, the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra, The Copenhagen Philharmonic and now the world's oldest and most prestigious orchestra The Royal Danish Orchestra.
Born in 1973, he is a graduate of the Sydney Conservatorium of Music. Firstly in the Sydney Conservatorium of Music High school, where in 1991 was elected House captain and School Captain, then completing his final year Bachelor of Music (Honours) Degree in 1997 whilst holding the full time positions of Guest Principal Cor Anglais and then 2nd Oboe in the Sydney Symphony Orchestra. Rixon soon then became the main oboe teacher at the Sydney Conservatorium, as well as teaching at schools such as Sydney Grammar and Australian National Music Camps.
Rixon has studied in Berlin, Paris, Munich, London and Copenhagen with such oboists as Heinz Holliger and Albrecht Meyer (Berlin Philharmonic).

In 1998 Rixon was awarded a permanent tenure position in the Sydney Symphony Orchestra. As a finalist in the “Australian Young Performers Competition”. Rixon has performed the Zimmermann Concerto with the Tasmanian Symphony, and in 2001 the Strauss Oboe Concerto with Adelaide Symphony Orchestra.
In November 1999 Rixon won the Arts category for the Young Australian of the Year Awards as well as the overall “Year 2000 Young Achiever of the Year” for NSW. Through the “Young Australian of the Year Awards”, Rixon was chosen as an Australia Day Ambassador, being invited to speak in communities throughout NSW.

In February 2003 Rixon auditioned for the Solo Cor Anglais position in the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra, and in June the same year was offered a tenure position.
In 2005 Rixon broadened his horrizons still further by moving to Europe. Following his heart as well as the draw of the the world's centre for classical music, Rixon is now based in Copenhagen, whilst maintaining strong ties to Australia and the Sydney Symphony.
A week after moving to Denmark Rixon won the audition for the position of Solo Cor Anglais in the Copenhagen Philharmonic.
On the 18th May 2007 Rixon Thomas became the first Australian ever to be accepted to be a member of the Royal Danish Orchestra. This highly prestigious orchestra is regarded as the world's oldest, established for the Danish Royal Court in 1448. After a 3 round, 9 hour international audition, Rixon was unanimously selected to join the orchestra's oboe section.

Updated:  December 26, 2008

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