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Aram Satian was born on 23rd of May 1947, in Yerevan (Armenia). His father Aram Satunts (Satian) and uncle Ashot Satian , both were known composers and had been following closely the first steps of the young artist. Satian's professional career has began when he entered the R.Melikian Music College (Composition Department), in a class of composer Edward Bagdasarian. Later he was accepted by the Armenian State Conservatory at the composition class of Peoples Artist of USSR, composer A.Harutyunian. In 1970, he graduated from Conservatory with Honor and continued his postgraduate studies in Moscow with Khrenikov.


From 1970 he was a member of the Composers Union of USSR. In 1969 Young Composers Review held in Moscow, he won the first Prize for his “Symphonic Variations” for Orchestra. Later he became a winner of many National Competitions in 1971, 1972, 1975, 1977, 1979, 1988, and 1993. In 1981, he won the Armenian Communist Union State Award which had to be considered as one of the prestigious and honorable awards at that time.


Aram Satian is widely known for his Pop Songs that were popular in former Soviet Union and received numerous awards at "Song of the Year" Contests. (“My Story of First Love” (1976), “If You Remember” (1985), “Pray of Hope” (1991). In 1986 “Yurmala” All-Union Competition Award, his songs “Love is Gone” and “Promise of Spring” performed by Narine Harutyunian, as well have received a Honored Diploma and 1st Prize.


List of his Music Works includes Pop-Opera “Lilit”; 3 symphonies; Concerts (For Violin and Symphonic Orchestra; For Cello and Symphonic Orchestra; Dozens works for Symphonic and Chamber Orchestra; More than 300 Songs; Music for Films and Theater Productions.


Aram Satian's published music includes a broad range of works in different genres such as Symphonic and Chamber pieces, Songs, etc. Many of his works have been kept in Archives and Music Libraries of different countries.


Music of Aram Satian has been performed and published in Armenia, Russia, USA, France, Argentine, Germany, Belgium, etc.

1973 - 1980: appointed as Chief Editor of the Armenian State TV and Radio Committee.

1980 - 1986: Head of the Theory Department at the A.Babajanian Music College

1990 – 1994: Artistic Director of the Yerevan Chamber Orchestra

1994 – 1997: Director of Musical Programs at the Armenian State TV and Radio. Artistic Director of Music Groups and Orchestras

Currently Aram Satian is a Professor at the Armenian State Conservatory in Yerevan.


Updated:  April 10, 2009

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