Dino Mastroyiannis Resume

      - Professional Summary
Piano and Chamber-Music professor and vocal collaborative pianist with over 30 years of successful experience as a concert pianist in around 25 countries and 30 years as a full-time professor at the Volos Conservatory (Greece). Recognized consistently for performance excellence and contributions to success in classical music industry. Strengths in rich and multi-faceted technique, perfect feeling for rhythm and rare expressiveness and praised by the legendary living Greek composer Mikis Teodorakis as the true Apostle of his music and by the international Press as the Music Ambassador of Greece backed by training in Piano performance as a former student of the Brazilian Roberto Szidon, one of the greatest pianists of the 20th century. Talented Piano Teacher with considerable experience teaching students of all ages and skill levels, from beginner to advanced. Particularly talented at teaching children and younger students. Eagerly introduced various musical styles to maintain student interest. Applied effective teaching techniques to instruct students on music theory and provide solid foundation for learning.

- Skills
Mentoring, Collaborative Team Player, Collaborative Leadership, Collaborative Mindset, Teacher Collaboration, Vocal Tone, Music Teacher, Performance experience, Recital Planning, Teaching expertise, Clear communication, Strengthening Routines

- Work History
1) President
12/2019 to Current: Roberto Szidon International Piano Competition � Volos, Thessaly
Dino Mastroyiannis' last Teacher was the legendary Brazilian virtuoso Roberto Szidon. Besides the Piano lessons, Maestro Szidon and Dino established a strong and precious friendship beginning from the summer of 1992. After the death of Roberto Szidon Dino would like to pay tribute to this legendary pianist's eternal memory, and became the inspirer and President of the Roberto Szidon International Piano Competition (https://robertoszidon.org).
-Orchestrated positive media coverage and stakeholder relations as public face of a serious international Piano competition.
-Promoted the Competition to more than 10.000 music academies, colleges, music schools and professional Piano teachers.
-Developed promotional campaigns and used results to communicate organizational value and generate promotional web content.

2) Art Director
03/2012 to Current : Evmelia International Music Festival � Volos, Thessaly
-Dino Mastroyiannis is inspirer and Art Director of Evmelia International Music Festival, prestigious classical music festival held in Greece.
-Evmelia has organized within 7 years almost 60 concerts (chamber music concerts, recitals and concerts with orchestras), have succeeded live Internet streaming worldwide for first time in Greece.
-Evmelia invited artists from more than 60 countries from Brazil to Malaysia and from Japan to New Zealand, including some legendary names of classical music, such as Brazilian percussionist and composer Ney Rosauro.

3) Piano Professor / Chamber-Music Professor
10/1990 to Current : Volos Conservatory - Greece � Volos, Thessaly
-Developed and implemented performance improvement strategies and plans to promote continuous improvement of hundreds of students; most of them are already professional musicians, have won Prizes in international Piano competitions and have performed in such prestigious concert venues, like Carnegie Hall in New York.
-Collaborated with colleagues in friendly, efficient manner following outlined steps of artistic service.
-Created plans and communicated deadlines to ensure projects were completed on time.
-Improved Piano pedagogy through consistent hard work and dedication to students.
-Demonstrated respect, friendliness and willingness to help wherever needed.
-Coordinated concerts, competitions, special events and music exams for 250 students.
-Guided and oversaw Music department in accomplishing outstanding educational benchmarks through superb curriculum planning, instruction, composition and performance.
-Taught students to identify different instruments from instrument's sound and shape.
-Developed strong working relationships with teachers, parents and students to propel school and departmental vision and goals.
-Mentored struggling students with individualized approach to enhance learning.
-Advised parents of student progress by communicating student's achievements and developing methods for improvement.

- Education
Associate of Arts: Piano 06/1990
Athens Conservatory - Athens (Greece)
-Graduated magna cum laude
-Awarded Piano Diploma with Excellent Unanimously and the First Prize
-Continuing education in Piano Performance as a student of the legendary Brazilian pianist Roberto Szidon
-Professional development completed in Piano performance as a soloist in more than 25 countries and as a Piano and Chamber-Music Professor for 30 years
-Elected Chief of the Piano Department of the Volos Conservatory (Greece)

Updated:  January 8, 2021

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