Andre Hoxter Resume

      It has been a long road for Andre Hoxter since his early days in Boston, Massachusetts back to his home town in Wilminton, Delaware. First establishing himself at the Howard Career Center under the direction of Lonnie Thomas and the late Rev Ernest Davis Jr of the Wilmington Chester Mass Choir as a bassist. The Howard High Jazz band played at various local and national events. Andre also studied music at the Christina Culture Art Center under the watchful eye of Robert (“Bosie”) Lowery. These ventures found him moving to the Atlantic City area where he was a showcase musician for the Time Warner Music Division as a bassist and now a keyboard player as a minor.This is where Andre's unique style of playing was formed. Now playing with the majors ,Andre would gain knowledge from some of the best Musicians in the world.Andre's knowledge followed him to the Baltimore area, where he was a showcase musician again, this time for various ship events in the harbor. Here is where he formed the group Exclusive which moved him in the direction of producing, song writing and arranging.Andre produced his first solo CD, it was for Gospel artist Vonda Perry. Andre would later team up with Larry Broadway and record his second CD for “Called BY Christ”. This third generation Adventist has allowed his faith and family to help keep him on course and make what was once a dream, a reality. Versed in gospel and jazz this quiet artist surely has talent worth letting to be heard to listeners from coast to coast. Andre started the ”Infinity” project with some basic ideas that soon turned into a major project. Andre soon picked up sax man Jerry Blake. Jerry has played with a lot of major and local musicians , Andre said Jerry is a true professional with a kind heart. Andre also picked up vocalist Leonora Brown, AKA LEE a vocalist on the rise. Chuck Davis played live bass on “Check This Out”. Chuck and Andre were childhood friends. Andre said Chuck was there in the beginning.Special thanks to Juan Faidley from Baltimore for Pre Production work on the CD, and Earl Witt from Claymont, Delaware for Jamland Studio . So sit back and get ready for a journey that will keep you coming back for an "Infinity" for more Info on Andre Hoxter

Updated:  April 30, 2008

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