Robert Bendit Resume



Professional Vocal Technique coach /Speech therapy.
Studios in Manhattan /will make private house calls

I provide guaranteed results such as Breathing,Range,Pitch.Volume,Proper Focus,timbre of voice,Diction, Sight reading,Music theory,and composition,many of these concepts can be used to correct speech.
I have a B.A. in music and have performed in the Israeli Opera stage in Telaviv and
musical theater throught the Midwest in Musicals such as {Oklahoma Music Man Oliver
Milk and Honey, My Fair Lady,and many more, Tv,Radio and films ,also a composer and writer and a member of ASCAP for over 25 yrs. You can go to my website {
I have worked with luminaries such as Ernie Lake.Promoter Sid Bernstein ,Ron Alexenburg
and many more.
I use the Linklater Technique which helps free the body of tension through a series of exercises and allowing the breath to come from a natural place{Breth is the fuel to our voice} I coach on style,stage presentation,and song interpretation, and delivery.

Updated:  March 8, 2018

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