Lili Rose Resume

      Gifted Singer Lili Rose captivates her audience with her, charismatic smile and her dynamic stage presence. She has been touring internationally and creating lasting memories throughout the world for over 20 years, connecting with a wide range of audiences in different settings, performing: Top 40, Soul, Jazz, R&B, Pop, Disco & Reggae. Her sultry voice covers an impressive range of musical styles and genres, whilst keeping a distinctive identity of her own. This versatility enables her to close the generation gap of her audiences. She has sung for among others, His Royal Highness Prince Charles, Spike Lee and The First lady of Gambia.
Born in London to Jamaican heritage, Lili Rose is not only the lyricists and singer of the DJ Perry's number one hit “Dime” and her song title “City Rhose” which was a success in France propelled by MacDonald's ad campaign in cinemas in the Midi Pyrenees which installed Lili Rose as a local celebrity. She has also written for film and had her music published by stance magazine.

Updated:  May 28, 2018

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