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Janos Schmidt
8391 Sarmellek Baratsag ltp 35 Hungary

Want to work as a sound technician or musician with my experience of music playing and recording, and audio visual technician skills.

Previous work experience:
EΓΆtvΓΆs JΓ³zsef college Baja 1980-83
Classroom technician - to help for teachers several events.
Maintenance for AV devices.

Duo Hangszerbolt Keszthely (Duo music instrument shop) 1992-1998
Worked as sound enineering technician and assistant shop manager
• Responsible for setting, testing and adjusting the recording equipments for live performance andrecording sessions.
• Done mixing and edition of music and voices.
• Live performance with the help of sound mixing board.
• Done preparation for recording by selecting and setting the microphones.
• Responsible for recording sound, music, speech and various other sounds on recording media with the help of recording equipment.(DAT , Hard disk recorder, PC platform)
• Also done separation of vocals, instruments and other sounds.
• CD audio record (more than 10 CD records) and product organization.

V-Ships T.S.S Albatros 1996
Showband musician - bass

Viking River Cruises 2004
Oneman band entertainer

Princess Cruises 2005-2007
Worked as a musician and as Audio Visual Technician for the our orchestra.
• Done mixing and edition of music and voices.
• Taped live performance with the help of sound mixing board.
• operating audio/visual equipments.
• setting musical equipments for events.
• Managed equipment operation following speaker's instructions.
• Done sequencing, recording and synchronization for music programming.
• Also done non linear recording, mixing, live sound and editing.
• Making a Demo Audio and Video records.

Several ****-***** hungarian Hotels 1989-continuous
Keszthelyi Jazzmuhely (7 person funky-jazz band)2007- continuous
Solid Jazz Band 2009(jazz tro)- continuous
Happy Dixieland Band(traditional dixieland band) 2011-continuous

Education Summary:
Electrical engineer – Kando Kalman college(not finished 1978-1980)
Musician-Entertainer – Oszk. Music Studio 1986-1989,finished (certification)
Sound technician soundmaster - 2003-2004 Budapest MRT finished(certification)

Other Interests: Playing music, watching movies, reading a books.
Repairing musical instruments mainly guitars and strings
I can send a presentation to the compilation of my work.

Updated:  February 26, 2012

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