Armando Torres Resume

      Mexican composer, Armando Torres-Gomez, was born on June 11, 1973. Started his musical studies at the age of 6 at the musical initiation program of the Escuela Nacional de Musica (UNAM). Wrote his first composition at the age of seven (duet for baroque flutes) and studied violin with Cruz Rojas. Later on, at the same school, he starts studying composition. At the same time he enters med school, having to leave aside temporarily his formal musical studies, however he continued studying composition in a private and autodidactic manner; in 1995 graduates as medical doctor and starts the specialty in orthopaedic surgery, graduating in 2001 as orthopaedic surgeon; his practice is mainly at the ABC Medical Center, Mexico City. During those years, and up to date, his musical output has continued. Among his compositions there are orchestral, vocal, chamber and many other works. Since 2006 he started to develop a particular system of musical creation, based on mathematical proportions and spectral analysis, factors that shape the melodic, rhythmic, harmonic and contrapuntal aspects of his music. He has received commissions to write music by Horacio Franco, Mauricio Náder, Arcano string quartet, and Génesis string quartet, Daniel Hazan, Margarita Santiago and Laura Valderrama among other performers.

Updated:  June 30, 2008

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