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      Musicians' injuries
It's a serious problem, especially if you are a professional, they could end your career. Learn how to prevent them and eliminate them.

Now everybody is well aware of this issue, I'll run a New Approach workshop in Oxford, based on the pioneer work by Kató Havas: New Approach to string instruments.

Find out how to eliminate tendonitis, tensions and aches and pains caused by playing violin, and even more, viola, eliminate stage fright and improve your tone instantly!

Just a few days before our workshop, Kato Havas will be giving a presentation about "Stage fright" on Sunday 1st September at this year's ESTA (European String Teachers Association) conference, which will be held in Oxford, from 28th August to 1st September. At the conference also the ESTA president will be present, the famous Italian viola player Maestro Bruno Giuranna, who will be giving a presentation and a masterclass.

My workshop will be after the conference. For anyone interested, it is an opportunity to combine the two things in a week's holiday: to see and hear Kato Havas in person and then come to my workshop.


Updated:  May 29, 2013

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