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The following is a small selection of my song lyrics some of which are available for composers musicians and other songwriters to collaborate on anyone who has the resources to produce the finished song I will then promote the song(s) to my various contacts.


The Way I Feel Tonight - Lyrics & Music Roy Hackers   

There were days
When I thought I was someone in disguise 
Before I met you
I was feeling like a cloud across the skies
I just want to say
You're the sunshine through my day
And every moment I'm with you
Leaves me on an all time high

And baby, it's that feeling I get
Deep down inside me
And baby, I can't believe
The way I feel tonight
(Feel tonight)
Just being with you today
Makes my heart race away
And baby, I can't explain
The way I feel tonight

No, I can't believe
Oh baby I just can't believe

This feeling here inside

Feel I'm flowing with the tide


When you smile

You pull the darkest clouds from my heart

And these feelings that I get

I know I'll be forever in your debt

I want you to know 

You brighten up my darkest night

Now all I want to do is show

My deepest love for you


Chorus and fade

The way I feel tonight

The way I feel tonight

Oh baby, the way I feel tonight 


The Way I Feel Tonight  Copyright R Hackers 2009


Send Me Your Love - Lyric Roy Hackers  


Inside my heart is burning

All the days of my life

I have this everlasting yearning

That I want to be with you



Send me your love

Like a rocket to the moon

Send me your love

Oh baby, let be soon

Send me your love

Like an arrow from a bow

Oh baby, please love me now


All of my tomorrows

would be everlasting sunshine

All of my sorrows

Will be a forgotten memory


Repeat Chorus



Without a shadow of a doubt

I would seal your love

And never let the flame die out

Like the stars above


Outside of my heart

The world will stll be turning

Inside my heart

My love will still be burning


Repeat Chorus x2

Fade out on

Oh baby, please love me now x3  


Send Me Your Love Copyright R Hackers 2009 


I Never Wanna Love Again Lyrics - Roy Hackers (Music in collaboration D Eldude)


Feelin' so unsure

I can feel a kind of emptiness

And a voice that whispers

Just another wasted journey

I know it's true

Because I've been there before

And still I walk down that road

That leads to another door

I tell myself love lies here

For me



I never wanna love again

Even though time they say

Mends a broken heart

But at this moment

I just don't know where to start

It's easy to pretend

That you feel no pain

And deep down inside me

I never wanna love again

No, I never wanna love again


I should have known

This was just another dream

And I've come to realise

There's no comfort in telling myself

I told you so

I just know I'm a fool

To Think you wouldn't go

It was something in youir eyes

That love only says good-bye

To me


Instrumental Bridge


Repeat Chorus

Fade out on

No, I never wanna love again x3


I Never Wanna Love Again Copyright Roy Hackers 2009




Updated:  December 21, 2009

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