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      Photo album of Alexander UDALTSOV

1) photos from Holland, Russia, Germany;
2) some articles from German newspapers after my concerts;
3) some stages, where I played

Tver Philharmonic Concert Hall.         After the opening recital of the XVIII International organ festival in Saratov,                                                                                      September 2009, with Oleg Belotserkovsky, the Concert manager of the
                                                               Big Hall
of Saratov State conservatory         

This photo was made at an Italian restorants near Stuttgart, after my performings on March 2007. With me -                                   
Jurgen Budday, leader of the Maulbronner Kammerchor and chairman of the Choir department of Duetsche Musikrath,
his wife Erika, organist of the Maulbronner Klosterkirche, and their children.
                                   SOME ARTICLES IN GERMAN NEWSPAPERS:



                                  SOME STAGES, WHERE I PLAYED:              
Big Hall of Moscow conservatory / Small Hall of Moscow conservatory
Catholic Cathedral / Tchaikovsky Concert Hall / Tsaritsino Palace
St.Andrew's Anglican church / Glinka's Museum / Gnesin Academy


Other Russian cities and Ukraine:
Saratov conservatory / Tver Philharmonia Big Hall
Baptists church / Volgograd State Concert Hall /Ufa Philh. Big Hall
Kaliningrad (late Konigsberg) Philh.Organ Hall / Svetlogorsk Organ Hall / Archangelsk Philh. Organ Hall /
Philh. Organ & Chamber Music Hall  / Perm Philh. Organ Concert Hall / Dnepropetrovsk (Ukraine) Organ Music Hall

West Europe:

Wien, Peterskirche                     the Hague, St.Antonius 

Cottbus, St.Nikolaus Oberkirche              Recklinghausen, St.Peters. Klais-organ

Bad Duerkheim, Schloesskirche    Emsdetten, Marienkirche

Maulbronn Abbey, UNESCO protected


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