Alexander Udaltsov Resume

      I was born in Moscow in 1966. I studied at Music College att. to Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory (1982 - 1986, theoretician department; on composition - under T.Chudova, assistent of Moscow conservatory Prof. T.Khrennikov), Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory as a composer (1986 1991, prof. N.Sidelnikov/1991 1993 postgr. course, prof. R.Ledeniov), and as an organist (1991 1996 & postgraduated course 1996 1998, prof. O.Yanchenko). My diploma work "Concerto for orchestra" was relayed on the 1-st Radio channel, from Big Hall of Moscow conservatory. During the period 1995 - 2002 I was a permanent assistent of Oleg Yanchenko on his Moscow recitals.

For different years I was studying at International Academy for organists in Haarlem (the Netherlands) under outstanding organists such as Piet Kee, L.Lohmann, J.Boyer, Z.Szathmary, B.van Oosten, S.Rampe. Also I took part in masterclasses of L.Tagliavini, M. Chapuis, J.Guillon, E.Kooiman, Z.Szathmary, M.Haselboek, J.Joseph and other notable European organists.
Since 1997 I am a member of Russian composers Union. I have compositions for organ (solo and with ensembles) among my works.

I am a prize-winner of two competitions - Open-National (2000, Kazan') and Internation (2002, Gatchina Polotsk).

Since 2002 Alexander Udaltsov plays organ solo concerts in Moscow (at Catholic Cathedral and others) and in the main organ stages of many Russian cities. Also he plays with ensembles, chamber and symphony orchestras. Besides, he gave a number of recitals in Ukraine, Germany, Austria, Holland. He took part in International festivals in Russia and Germany, closing concert seasons in many cities, and also in concerts and fests, devoted to the memory of his teacher Oleg Yanchenko. Recordings of his concerts are sounded in different Russian Radio channels. Alexander Udaltsov also teachs organ and composition at Prokofiev Music College in Moscow, and he is an Assistent Concert Manager of Big Hall of the Saratov State conservatory, the third importance in Russia.

I play organ music of any styles and epochs from early baroque to the contemporary composers' works. The special place in my repertoire occupies the organ music by Oleg Yanchenko, who is an outstanding organ composer and improviser, well known in international organ cyrcles. Besides, I often play pieces by Gershwin and Piazzolla in my own arragements for organ.

Updated:  June 17, 2010

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