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I am a Canadian lyricist who has collaborated over the years with a number of songwriters across a broad range of musical genres including pop, rock, adult contemporary, jazz, country and spiritual.

One of my co-writes, "Lead Me There," reached the top 10 on the Canadian Christian Radio Music Charts; "Inconvenient Love" was used in the movie You're So Cupid; and "Butterflies" has received airplay in South Korea (translated). Check out some of my songs on SoundCloud.

I am a huge fan of the work of Leonard Cohen, Stephen Sondheim, Damien Rice, Sara Bareilles and Bernie Taupin. I originally trained as an actor in musical theatre and remain a sucker for a great show-stopping tune with clever or poetic lyrics.

I am looking for serious songwriting partnerships in order to write our best songs that can then be pitched.

One of my immediate goals is to write for my favourite singer: Dimash. He has a six octave range and sings in multiple languages and styles of music, ranging from pop to sweeping ballads to opera. The opportunity for great English songs is there. Check him out if you haven't heard of him. Because you will.

Updated:  July 7, 2019

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