Armine Abrahamyan Resume

      Armine Abrahamyan Violist and Composer.

Armine Abrahamyan has full singing tone,perfect phrasing,
and a fine command of the Viola.
Kim Kashkashian (Violist)
Prof. of New England Conservatory,Boston,US

Armine Abrahamyan is a very talented and professionally skilled musician.
I consider Armine as an extremely gifted violist with a rare combination of being musical as well as technically secure.
Dr. Jerzy Kosmala
Professor of Viola at the Louisiana State University
Visiting Professor of Viola at the Royal Academy of Music in London.

Armine Abrahamyan is an talented Viola player with a good educational backround.
Her playing demonstrates perfect musical skills and the beautiful sound.
Constantine Orbelyan
Music Director And Conductor Of The
Moscow Chamber Orchestra

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Updated:  January 24, 2010

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