Joaquin Borges Resume

WHEN speaking of the great ones you interpret, composers and conductors are condition necessary for mentioning to the Mtro. JOAQUIN BORGES, whose work with the main orchestras is recognized in Europe and America where it has received prizes and honors that speak of their artistic task.
Born in Mexico city,I make its studies in the conservatory of Paris as well as in the Superior one of Music of Vienna, and the Mozarteum of Salzburgo , Austria, among others.
Its deep preoccupation by the diffusion of music, has taken it has to make the rescue and symphonic arregements of Mexican music as well as of other countries.
Within its works it emphasizes the Sofía Suite dedicated to S.M Reina Sofía of Spain that was released by the Orchestra of camera Queen winning Sofía of the prize Queen Sofía, the Notebook to Leonor with poems of A. Machado order of the Mtro. Odón Alonso for the Festival of Soria, two symphonies (Sacred Symphony, and Tenochtitlán), a Concert for violin dedicated to Victor concertino Martin of the National Orchestra of Spain, among others. All of them published by Inc. Schirmer., Chester Novello, UME Editions.
It has recorded but of 30 Cds with different orchestras and several with its symphonic arregements from Mexican music.
At the moment it directs to the Filarmónica Euroamericana and the Symphonic Festival of Villahermosa, with which it comes already giving to monumental concerts with choirs and groups from solistas instruments (mariachi, jarocho, marimbas etc.) and the famous Christmas Concert with 300 children of choir and symphonic arregements of the work of V Miguel Bernal Jiménez .

Updated:  June 9, 2009

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