Moshe Shulman Resume

      Since moving to Boston Moshe and Julia have created two folk groups: "Akhva" (Klezmer music) and "Spring Ensemble" (Hungarian/Moldavian music) -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Recently they moved to upstate NY and formed "Spring Duo", a duo which is specializes in all genres mentioned above + Tango, Italian Neapolitan songs, and light Classical music. The group has variety of several instruments such us violin, double bass, accordion and piano.

Born is Russia, Israeli violinist and composer, Moshe Shulman has received his B.MUS and M.MUS in composition in Israel. As a composer he has received numerous awards: Dean’s Scholarship for excellence in composition (2004), the “Acum” Scholarship for excellence in composition (2003), the Keren Sharet, America-Israel – Scholarship (2002). Moshe is a member of a Russian Gypsy Ensemble "Via Romen"

Born in Budapest (Hungary), Julia Shulman is a virtuoso double bass player currently studying for DMA degree at the Eastman School of Music. Julia has given concerts as a soloist, chamber musician, and an orchestra player as well. In the past 12 years she participated in various performances with Dohnányi Youth Symphonic Orchestra, Jerusalem Broadcast Symphonic Orchestra and Numerous Massachusetts-area orchestras. Ms. Shulman studies for the B.Mus in Jerusalem Music Academy and finished her M.Mus at the Longy School of Music.

Updated:  April 30, 2008

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