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I've been singing and teaching voice on and off for 30 years. And you know what? I've found that almost anyone can learn to sing well. I say almost, because I did run into two students over the years that I couldn't help. But with the right instruction, singing is learned. Just like you learn a language, or you learn how to do yoga. You train the muscles involved, you work them, you do your vocal exercises, you take it a small step at a time.

I invite you to explore my just-published book, Vocal Vibrance. You can read more about it at Published by Lulu Press, it's 240 pages of breathing, vocal warm-ups, singing exercises, "how-to"s, and more.

Singing teachers might use Vocal Vibrance as a textbook, or an idea book.

Singers (experienced, intermediate, and beginners) might find Vocal Vibrance a necessity for their reference library.

Updated:  June 16, 2008

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