Samantha Ann Tonnessen Resume

      I am 5'5 120lbs. I have brown hair and goldish eyes. People tell me I am beautiful, I am constantly grtting complimates on my voice and looks. My dream is to be a sucessful singer.Please give me that chance to prove that i have the whole package and that my voice is Amazing. One song I can sing really great is 'At Last' I sang that song for an audition to sing at MGM grand in Los Vegas and made it! The only thing was i couldnt afford the plane ticket. I could my famous right now. I am 21 years old and am willing to do what ever it takes, singing means the wourld to me, its my life. I wont be happy unless I am in a studio giving it evrything i got. I want to share my talent with the world. I am constantly hearing how attrative i am and that i should be a modle, but my true passion is singing, PLEASE HELP MY DREAM COME TRUE!

thank you,

Samantha Tonnessen

Updated:  December 11, 2008

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