Charles Armstrong Resume

      Primarily a singer/ vocalist and also play other percussion; Conga`s, Bongo`s, Maracas,Tambourine etc.
I can sing in several different styles, both lead and harmony, predominantly in the Alto range.
Currently my Repertoire comprises; 100+ Jazz Standards and 90+ Other Genre songs & ballads.
My full time professional music career commenced in 1967 when I left school. For the following ten years to 1977 I worked with with several top popular bands in residency at top night clubs and five star hotel venues across southern, eastern and western Africa.
During this time I recorded several commercial radio jingles and an extended play record of four contemporary cover tunes on the EMI label.
I returned to music in 2010 when I joined Aurora, a contemporary pop cover band, playing parties, pubs and promotion venues. Simultaneously, I performed as lead vocalist with the 6 piece Hardehout Band, performing their original Afrikaans language Rock/R&B music. Recorded an original 12 track CD with them as lead vocalist and worked with them on live gigs at large shows and auditorium venues.
During this time, I wrote two theme songs for an actuality show on M Net Television in South Africa, Title: Only You will Know and Title:See the lie. The latter was re- recorded in 2020. Posted on Youtube:
Just prior to emigrating I worked in a guitar/duo - Chalk & Cheese performing covers at pubs, shows and house parties.
Emigrated to Australia in August 2015. Currently resident in the Melbourne suburb of Mount Waverley.
During COVID-19 Lock down early 2020, Composed and performed four songs in the R&B/Rock genre. Posted three of them to Youtube - Links below: These were produced in collaboration between myself in Australia and long time fellow and friend in South Africa, Guitarist/Singer, Bernard Badria .
Flying Free:
Movin` On: .
Viva Rock `n Roll:
Currently I am rehearsing jazz standards with an amateur Big Band in North Melbourne. No gigs at present.
Desperate to form a duo or join a band where I can start singing again.

Updated:  May 5, 2021

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