Eduardo Corzo Resume

      Born in "el Vedado", neighborhood of Havana, Cuba, began his musical study with his father, Gregrio Corzo, a violinist of the Cuban National Symphony Orchestra.
Later, he embarked upon an independent study of guitar and piano, until he decided to complete a formal education at Ignacio Cervantes Conservatorio where he graduated as clarinetist.

At 21, he had the opportunity to compose and arrange music for cuban television, an endeavor which allowed him to later complete further theatrical and cinematic works. He also served as musical director of the Conjunto Nacional de Espectaculos, under the talent of cuban humorist Alejandro Garcia (Virulo), and toured to Colombia, Mexico, and Venezuela.

While attempting to explore musical roots and sonorities, Eduardo also focused on the fields of literature and theater. He is an artist with broad vision, interested in genres and styles different from his own, and whose background includes a mix of everything from Bach's partitas to Afro Cuban sounds, as well as music from other parts of the world.

Living in Mexico he played Piano, Clarinet and Alto Sax in diverse groups and formats. Also there, Eduardo composed music for TV shows, and living in San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, got an excellent duet with guitarist Severo Barrera.
In the US, where he has resided since 1999, he's worked with many bands and different styles of music. Like Bandoleros, in Chicago, with them he won the coveted Award of Honor for Contribution to World Beat Music at the 2003 Chicago Music Awards.

After living in Denver and Chicago, moved to California in 2006, and for months he was the piano player at the cuban restaurant La Bodeguita de Pico, in Los Angeles. Also as a freelance performer for local and foreign bands, as well as soloist with original material.

Moved to San Francisco Bay Area in 2012, became teacher at Community Music Center, Director and Piano player of "The Cuband".

Updated:  June 12, 2018

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