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-Gretchen Bonaduce's Ankhensenamen

-Mark Wood Rock Orchestra
-Mariachi Divas (recorded "Canciones de Amor")

-The Jeff Musial Band



-Mix Entertainment

-Wayne Foster Entertainment

-Houston Youth Symphony
-Virtuosi of Houston
-Various film scores (horror, action, comedy)
-Recorded for Robert Nelson's "Up South" on the album Shadows and Music (2006) and Peter Lieuwen's "Concerto for Violin 'Seren'" with Andrzej Grabiec, soloist, from the album Living Waters (2007)
-Appeared on Telemundo, Azteca America, CUCUY and the LA Holiday Celebration, and in music videos for Dee Snider's "Van Helsing's Curse" and Jean-Michel Danton's "A Dawn of a Revolution"

-Private teacher for Space Center Intermediate and individual students


-Cornish College for the Arts; Seattle, WA
-University of Houston; Houston, TX

Studied with:

-Mark Wood (Trans-Siberian Orchestra)
-Irene Mitri (Cornish)
-Andrzej Grabiec (University of Houston)
-Eric Halen (Houston Symphony)

Updated:  October 3, 2008

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