Adam Bruce Resume

       I was born in Mission Hills, Ca, In the San Fernando valley of Los Angelis county. However I moved to La Habra, a city in east LA when I was very young, and lived in a small apartment with my mother. My father lived in a city called Cypress and owned a house in that city. I began to play snare in my school's marching band at 7 yrs old, quickly picked up the electric bass at age 8, and finally piano at age 10. I played jazz for the most part, and only found classical music much later. When I was eleven I began to study music theory and musicology at the Cypress college under Professor Robert Winsloe, PhD, who is a close friend and now colleague of mine. I also studied music composition under Dr. Winsloe and I owe it all to "Robby", as his friends called him, that I am a composer now.
I have published many papers on music theory and musicology, specializing in the music of Ludwig Van Beethoven, Alexander Borodin and Duke Ellington. Also I have written extensively on the genre of Jazz, from nontechnical essays such as "On the culture of America's music", and "Music for us: why we have and keep jazz" to highly scholarly articles such as "Discourse on the idiom of atonal consonance" (the title might sound as if it contradicts itself to a classically trained theorist, but in the discourse I do substantiate my thesis and explain the meaning of the title) and "The innovation of American music with respect to European tradition". My longest writing as of now however, is a textbook on the subject of music composition, which is entitled "Aesthetic Considerations in Music Composition". My best compositions would probably be my string quartets in the keys of C minor and A major respectively. I am currently accepting commissions both for compositions and writings. Please email me at with a clear request for a commissioned work and I will get back to you as soon as posible, usualy within a day or so.

Updated:  November 22, 2008

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