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Drum lessons at Gil Graham's Drumming Preparatory School offer:

  • A simple, enjoyable, systematic approach for all ages
  • Hand development
  • Stick control
  • Independence
  • Reading/Sight Reading
  • A focus on the music you want to learn (eg. funk, jazz, latin, rock, etc.)
  • And a drummer's most important function... TIME!

A few testimonials (More...):

"I was a little rough around the edges when I went in, and I feel more polished now and an overall better player" - Berklee Student
"Gil is the type of teacher who goes straight to the problem and doesn't waste the student's time" - Adult Professional
"Gil was the best introduction to professional drumming I could have wished for. He showed me how to take my drumming to a much higher level"- Berklee Student
"He saw the problem and gave me the tools to easily solve it." - Adult Beginner

Beginning Drum Chart Reading explains how to decipher, in a logical yet musical fashion, the sometimes confusing figures on a drum chart or lead sheet. It explains the principles of playing various figures, illustrates these with specific examples for large and small ensembles, and includes practice methods and concentration aids. It stresses throughout the importance of good time, accurate fills and figures, creative time feels, musicality, and improvisation. An appendix of assorted drum charts provides the opportunity to practice and apply this learning. The glossary at the end of this book includes musical terms and common abbreviations. Although experience and keen ears will prove the ultimate aids in learning, a starting point is always necessary.

Beginning Drum Chart Reading leads the beginning reader to making sense of a chart and making music of the sense."

Updated:  January 3, 2009

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