Zeno Alma Resume

      Solo Acoustic/Electric, Orchestral Electric Pedal Harpist & Composer. Classically Trained but with an Imaginative Expressive Modern Style of Composition & Technique.

Past & Present, with Vision Focused on Futuristic Concepts of Linear Sound. New Innovative Linear Sound. " Novus Innovare Linearis Sonus "
Original High Energy Improvisational Harp Performance & Composition. Departing from Traditional Harp Repertoire, Seeking to Manifest My Own Voice & Musical Concepts through the Fusion of Classical & Modern Harmony, Manifesting in an Original Energetic Harp Concert Performance Atmosphere. "

Former student of Maestro Dianigi Sandole, " Dennis Sandole ", Mentor & Instructor of John Coltrane, in Southwest Philadelphia, & 3 rd Generation Pupil of Maestra Harpist, Henriette Renie

Maestra Phyllis Schlomovitz, Harpress of California. Zeno Alma Harpist Composer 08-16-2010

" Voice of The Hierophant ". I knew Michael Rado as Well
~ Harp Qwest Endeavours ~~~

Updated:  August 16, 2010

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