Carl David Kidwell, Jr Resume

       Carl David Kidwell, Jr was born on June 26, 1959 in Newark, OH. The second oldest of four siblings.Grew up in the country on what some would consider a small farm atmosphere and a loving family. I wouldn't have traded it now for anything. I came from a very musicial family. I was raised in the gospel music and still is a deep love of mine, but country music is close behind it. I started taking lessons on the guitar at the age of 8, but after a couple of years I had a hard time trying to learn everything by notes. I stopped taking lessons and started learning by ear by anyone who would show me. I was captivated by Chet Atkins, Merle Travis and and those that figured picked. I would set for hours listening and trying to imitate them.
The Piano always held an interest for me. Watching my aunts play piano and espcially my aunt Barb Myers in 1986 I started that journey to learn. The church I was attending needed a piano player and they anointed me with oil and I believed I would start learning. Long story short God is good when you are serious about something he'll meet you there. No lessons just alot of hard work and listening to other piano players, I can play in any key and I do what I do today. Floyd Cramer, Jimmy Swaggart, Micky Gilley, Anthony Burger have been a great inspiration for me. Alot of people who listen are amazed that I have never had any lessons. Myself, well, I just do the best I can till the professional arrives.
I did get a chance to play for some professional steel guitar players back in 2005 at a steel guitar convention in Columbus OH. (Only because the piano walked out.) Bobbie Seymoure was one to perform and he paid me the best comment that I could have ever received. When he came up on the stage he said "Son we will try the first one and then we'll see." Bobbie kicked it off and watching his reactions to what I was doing he turn and said,"Play it son." I got to play 45 minutes with him that night. When he finished he came over and said,"Son I don't know who you are, but you sure impressed me and made me sound good tonight!" Talk about walking on cloud nine. I got to play for the rest of them that night and ended up playing three and a half hours for some of the best of the best. WHAT A NIGHT FOR ME!
I do know there are many great piano players out there and it is hard for me to come out and say I am one of them, but I will tell you I'll do my best and we will have fun. Music should be fun and with feelings NOT attitude! There is a fine line to walk there. I've played with many fine musicians, but their attitude stunk. I guess my prayer is that no matter how good you get that I keep that down home country boy, God fearing person I was raised to be. Also, willing to share what I know with anyone who whats to listen. If we don't share what we have learned, when we die it dies with us.

Updated:  September 5, 2008

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