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       Grupo Sello thanks you for visiting our page. Let me introduce myself,
I am Danny Rodriquez. I am a musician from Dallas, Tx. I have been playing tejano music since I was 8 years old. My father and grandfather were musicians as well. My main instrument is Accordion but I also play Bass, Bajo Sexto, Guitar, Keyboards, Drums and I own a Mini Studio setup where I record all of my original material. I have had the honor to play accordion with Jaime De Anda, Raul Garcia, Isaac Rodriqguez, Mingo Saldivar, Rey Reyna and I have played for bands such as Cafe Band, Grupo Carino, and Los True Kings. In 2000, when I moved to Midland Tx. I formed Grupo Uno which was a four piece Conjunto band. In 2007, I started another project.
This is keyboard driven Tejano. Grupo Sello.
Sello is composed of Five talanted musicians, Danny Rodriquez, Brandon Garcia, Adolfo Alvarez, David Romero and Steve Ochoa.
Danny plays accordion, keyboards and is the lead vocalist for the band. I convert my life experiences into songs that have passion for life and love.
Adolfo Alvaarez is the Bass player and has an exquisit style . He thrives on having FUN while performing.
Brandon Garcia is the drummer. Brandon is a KILLER drummer and has a Lighting and Sound Company.
Danvid Romero is our newest addition and he plays keyboards. Steve Ochoa is the guitar player that has a huge talent. Steve has played for great artisits such as Fama and Pete Astudillo. With this blend of musicians, Grupo SELLO is sure to leave you wanting more!
Jimmy Carrasco is our right hand man. He is our stage manager and raod crew leader. Jimmy aslo dedicates himself to bettering the band in any way.

Thank you for your continued support of Grupo Sello!!!!!! Please keep Tejano music alive as we do our part as well.

Updated:  December 20, 2009

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