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This page is about the new music direction we are taking in today's music world.

Major project December 2018
Adapting Gershwin's opera Porgy and Bess for a Jazz quintet featuring Guitar together with some local percussion instruments and staging for a few days is one of the most challenging project for a musician..

Check for updates of this major event happening in Mauritius.

You can also check for info and tickets

The particularity of our quartet is our entire devotion in the contribution of the development of Jazz together with the music idioms of the islands of the Indian Ocean.

Dean Nookadu Quartet is based in Mauritius. We have the opportunity to work on a multi cultural island .From Asia, Africa, and Europe, Mauritius is forging a unique blend of culture . We are building new musical idioms from this.

From the Jazz Trio to a 20 piece - world music ensemble and the ENTHEOS JAZZ EXPERIENCE

Entheos Jazz Experience is a jazz Collective consisting of the most prominent and active musicians evolving on the musical scene in Mauritius. Evolving from the standard Jazz Trio to a Jazz Quintet, this collective has extended in 2011 to a 20 piece instrumental ensemble (World Jazz Orkestra) with a string section including flute and cello, indian Percussions instruments :Tablas, Mridangam, and a Erhu (chinese violin), among others The World Jazz Orkestra is open to new instrumentations and is constantly evolving with innovative ideas.

Please check ( english and french )for updated news or forthcoming events.
The music style is Contemporary World-JazzYou can watch a short video clip of the Dean Nookadu Jazz Trio recorded a few years back and posted by one of our fans.Thanks every one for your support in Mauritius.

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Updated:  November 15, 2018

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