Cubanila Resume

      from Cuba to Manila....CUBANILA

A roster of eight (8) highly-spirited and passionate musicians who have been together for more than 3 years. They have played both local and private functions; some with international recognition like the famous International Jazz and Arts Festivals (2009 and 2011). With the addition of a true Cuban artist who have infused traditional cuban culture in their mainstream, Cubanila interprets songs folklorically as much as possible, with the intent of preserving the true "sabor" of every songs.

Cubanila is not just a band who plays salsa and samba. Cubanila can play a variety of latin tunes of different songstyles like batucada, bahian axe, samba reggae, salsa ,samba, merengue, cumbia, salsaton, reggeton, cubaton, chachacha, reggae, ballrooms and jazz standards, and the famous cuban carnival Conga and Comparsa. Cubanila can turn any mediocre event into an awe-inspiring experience!

Party on!

Updated:  October 3, 2011

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