Thierry Francois Kauffmann Resume

      Thierry Kauffmann learned piano at age nine, and went on to the conservatory to study classical music. When he was 16, he started improvising for the first time. He never stopped.
He moved to Indiana in 1987 and made it his home. There he recorded several R&B songs with singer songwriter Sharon Kenny, at Mike Kelsey's original studio in Lafayette. Playing piano at the local unitarian church, Thierry Kauffmann's improvisations did not go unnoticed. This led to the recording of piano pieces at Duncan Hall, Lafayette historic artistic venue. In addition to his Sunday duties, Thierry Kauffmann was “pianist extraordinaire” at the Java Roaster two hours per week, during which he improvised freely. He also improvised for modern dance classes and competition, as well as for the Purdue Repertory Dance Company. He was the first artist to join Dennis Leas' collaborative group known as TranssonicMusic (TSM). TSM produced improvised shows including musicians, dancers, video artists and poets.

His debut CD entitled seven for summer features improvisation based piano pieces, as well as orchestral works utilizing virtual studio instruments.

Updated:  December 6, 2008

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