Dikital Resume

      I am Professional drums player,playing drums and percussion's with bends for almost 15 years of experience with attendance in many shows promotions festivals with countless number of gigs and concerts playing allover in my country and abroad,making a numerous recordings in professional studios. Also working as a DJ in bars and clubs for couple of years as a part of the connectivity in the music business, and also involved in studio activity for the last 10 years by producing music,recording live and working as audio engineer,huge knowledge of professional audio editing software programs like, Cubase SX,Logic Pro,Reason, and many more..., I am also advanced user of Steinberg - Cubase SX and Nuendo, also working on professional studio hardware equipment and units, like mixing consoles,knowledge in audio wiring,microphone setup for recording on drums and other instruments.Professional studio recording and mixing and mastering, producing music.
Originally from Skopje (Macedonia), Dimitar Dimceski aka Dikital, is an inspired and motivated artist that both runs his own projects and a varity of collaborations with other musicians. So far, Dikital has realized three album/releases with the rock band "Nikeja", and an "Unplugged" DVD release, which has been recorded and captured by the "Macedonian National Radio Television". Dikital took part in a compilation CD, which was published by the "Art Republika" magazine.He also released his first solo EP" called "Dikital - Search" which is amazing cinematic ambient release.

Updated:  May 28, 2009

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