The Beta Tones Resume

      Hailing from Long Beach and Venice Beach, California, the Beta Tones are heavily influenced by the Beatles, Nirvana, and Weezer. Their music is characterized by simple chords, catchy melodies, and minimal studio effects. The end result is a sound that is immediate, nostalgic and contagious.

The Beta Tones formed in August of 2008. Three of the founding members, guitarist Marshall Quan, bass player Benjamin Cohen, and drummer Lawren Stone are members of the band, The Great Golden Gate Disaster. With the addition of vocalist-songwriter, Angelo Spyropoulos, the Beta Tones quickly found their unique sound. Just four months after the band started, They recorded their first CD, “Days Away.” This six song EP aims to launch The Beta Tones into their community and beyond as a band worth watching.

The EP's first track, “Fine July,” showcases the band's melodic energy and inspired drive as Angelo sings of the beauty and mystery of songwriting, comparing the process to a relationship with a girl. Two additional tracks on the EP were also written during that “Fine July” just before the band formed. Other tracks on the EP are the result of strong songwriting collaboration between Angelo and Marshall. The band already has many songs and hopes to release another EP soon.

Updated:  December 31, 2008

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