Farshad Ramezani Resume

      Farshad Ramezani
Born : 26th Sep 1966 Tehran, Iran
Educations: Bachelor of theatre director
Bachelor of Journalism Graphics
Farshad started learning music with piano when he was ten years old. He studied music with Iranain music masters. In 1989 he played as the first bassist in the first post-revolution Pop orchestra.
His carrier as a professional bassist began under the name of Rudaki . He has also demonstrated himself as a capable singer by producing two albums in recent years. The album has its own unique style. Currently Farshad is producing his third album which is in English language.
Farshad founded the Degar-dis(Metamorphosis) band in 2001.
Farshad has proved himself by appearing as an actor both in several Television series and cinema movies. More than this Farshad Collaborated with the theatre play of Barkhaneh haft khan for designing dance and music. Barkhaneh haft khan got the first prize in the 1999 Fajr Student festival .
He has designed and managed eight professional sound recording studios and currently is managing his studio in Tehran. This studio is also designed and built by himself.
Farshad has experience in other artistic professions like, Artistic make up, Teaching music, statuary and Classic guitar craft working.
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Updated:  September 27, 2013

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