Trish A Mairet Resume

      Trish Mairet is a Jazz Vocalist and Voice Teacher that has studied music for over 30 years and has taught voice training for 20 years. Trish also offers Vocal Therapy for students who need assistance with overcoming inhibitions to singing and performing.

She is a jazz vocalist in the San Francisco Bay Area and the former owner of Jazz Jam Cafe, an intimate
performance space in West Sonoma County California. She teaches voice students at her studio in West Santa Rosa, California.

She has worked with vocal teachers Jay Clayton, Rhiannon and Faith Winthrop. After studying with several musicians including; Suzanne Pittson, Bob Rife' and Steve Wolfe, Trish began studying music theory and piano at Santa Rosa Junior College. She trained briefly at the Jazz School in Berkeley with Jenna Maminna and Mimi Fox and studied Speech Level Singing technique with Dave Stroud.

Her background in psychology is helpful to her in providing voice therapy to students who want to work on deeper issues related to the creative process, voice expression and self-confidence.

Trish's vocal sound is described as soothing, soulful, calming, sultry and dreamy.
Her phrasing and time are impeccable and the music is uplifting and fresh with sprinklings of Soul,
Bluesy Jazz, BeBop and Brazilian motifs.

Updated:  November 21, 2011

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