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      Johnny's first record was "So Lovable", at the age of 20. He recorded a Hit chart 45 record of "Rockin' Billy," which he performed on Dick Clark's American Bandstand.
After Johnny appeared on American Bandstand, Johnny met Mark Traversino at a club in Southgate, California, where he was appearing with his Band. Johnny jammed with Mark and his Band. Johnny's voice blew Mark away and he told Johnny to look him up in a couple of months, because he would be opening up his own night club, called "The Samba". Johnny worked at that club for about a year. He then went on to perform the circuit of night clubs in the Los Angeles area. Johnny continued his professional relationship with Mark for many years. They worked and wrote many songs together. Johnny toured all over the U.S. doing local T.V. Shows including Louisiana Hayride, which Elvis also performed on before Johnny. He also opened for Gene Vincent on his show, singing "Rockin' Billy" with Elvis's former Band, The Bill Black Combo. Johnny also worked with Eddy Cochran and Ritchie Valens.
Through the years, Johnny recorded for Crystalette and Luna Records. He went on to tour throughout the U.S. and Canada with many of the Top Pop Rock Stars, such as Connie Francis, Frankie Avalon and Paul Anka. Returning to Hollywood, he worked clubs all over L.A., from Beverly Hills to the famous Sunset Strip. Then his career led him back to NY, to work the well known nightclubs: The Copacabana, El Morocco and the Latin Quarter. He also performed at the Apollo Theater, to standing ovations. When Johnny was called back to perform at the Hollywood Palladium, he went back in the studio and recorded "Good, Good, Woman" and "I don't need no doctor" for Gene Norman's Crescendo Records, which was another chart record for Johnny.
Johnny then went on to become inducted into the Rockabilly Hall of Fame.
He stayed in the L.A. area, where he was in great demand at all the popular hot spots in town. Major Hotel Casinos in Las Vegas, Tahoe and Reno soon beckoned Johnny to come and perform for his loving fans. In 1975 he did a recording of the James Brown song I Feel Good" with the Tonight Show Band led by Tommy Neusom with the help of the famous Jazz Pole winner, Bassist "Chubby Jackson" and his son Duffy Jackson, who was then working with Sammy Davis Jr as his Drummer.

Johnny teamed up with Singer/Performer, Sheri Livingston.
They have been together for nine years thrilling audiences
from Coast to Coast.

Sheri Livingston and her twin sister, Syd were born in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. The girls started singing professionally at the age of seven years old, throughout Oklahoma, Texas and Kansas. Then they sang with Earl Hills Orchestra from twelve years old, until graduating from Harding High School. Then Syd and Sheri moved to Hollywood and signed with Lute Records and had a Hit record as "Cyd and Cheri" with "I'm A Lookin' Blue Eyes" and "Lonesome for You".
Then they teamed up with "Bill Norvas and the Upstarts", Jerry Wilson and Gary Sneed, performing in the Blue Room at the Roosevelt Hotel in New Orleans. The four Upstarts stayed together, changing their name to "The Guys and Dolls", playing at the Thunderbird Hotel in Las Vegas. When Judy Garland and Mel Torme heard them sing, they signed them with Si Zentner's Orchestra, for a tour throughout the US and Canada, changing their name to "The 2+2". Mel Torme managed the group.
Later, Syd and Sheri went on to New York, where they performed through the years. A few years later, Sheri moved back to Hollywood, performing and producing shows she had produced in New York at the famous New York Latin Quarter, Sheri's Show, "The Speakeasy".
A few years later, when Sheri was heading back to New York, from Hollywood, friends introduced her to Johnny Stark over the phone. He was living in Las Vegas. On the way to New York, Sheri stopped in Las Vegas to meet Johnny in person and it was "Love at First Sight!" Johnny joined Sheri in New York two months later and the rest is history!

Sheri and Johnny have been performing throughout New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and in Manhattan at: "Don't Tell Mama", "The Producers Club Theatre" and "Theatre East", to rave reviews. Also, Sheri and Johnny "Wowed" their Audiences at Caesar's Pocono Resorts in Pennsylvania.
Sheri and Johnny just moved their home-base from Las Vegas and Branson, MO., where they have been performing for the last four years, back to New York! They have gained fans across the US and will be touring in Europe soon. Sheri's sister Syd will join them on this tour and others and they will be performing their Show "Then and Now!", with their Hits from the past and today with their Band "The Dynamics".
When you see them perform, you will see why Sheri and Johnny are in such demand from Coast to Coast!

Updated:  January 2, 2009

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