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      WE ARE currently searching for a new guitarist. We're seeking individuals who are talented: who have SOLID SKILLS, are dedicated, passionate about what they're doing, focused and serious, who are responsible and reliable, are creative/innovative, willing to collaborate, have an open mind to trying unconventional twists on songs and on music in general, are creative and proactive, know when *NOT* to overplay!, and can play to a click track when necessary. Looking for SLINGERS inspired by/in the vein of Townsend, Hendrix, Page, Frehley, Frusciante, DeLeo, and Cantrell someone who can tear it up, make it sing, but at the same know when to step back and lay it down simply, solidly and melodically.Please,no blues based players in the vein of Clapton or Vaughn. LOOKING FOR SKINMASTERS in the vein of Bonham, Chad Smith, Cameron and Grohl who can lay it down thunderously, but also tastefully and tactfully, always serving the song. If your a basher who leaves pock marks in drumheads please refrain from calling.We have a bunch of new tunes ready to develop and record (8 and counting), but we NEED YOU to help us flesh them out. We are always writing new material.We TRY/DO someone else's songs/ideas if they work, we believe in our songs, but are always into someone's "twist" on things. Experience necessary, beginners refrain please.

OUR SOUND: We're a heavy, DRIVING, energetic, hard-hitting rock band with some threads of punk, funk and other twists in certain songs here and there. At times, you may hear traces of Led Zeppelin, Nirvana, Soundgarden, RHCP, Alice in Chains, Stone Temple Pilots, Jimi Hendrix, John Frusciante, YYYeahs, etc... YOUR SOUND - The music really calls for that Les Paul or SG/Marshall combination, perhaps Strat/Marshall for the cleaner material. Perhaps an Orange amp. This is a big key. Believe me, we've been through the Fender, Crate, Peavey, Line, and Mesa Boogie amplifiers, and the Jackson 7 strings, Ibenez, Hamer, Telecaster-only, PRS guitars, and the effects processors and whatever- any-other-brand-business and it DOESN'T suit the music. PERSONALLY: JUST AS IMPORTANT, we're looking for a COMRADE IN ARMS - someone who believes in us and vice versa, someone who has the patience, empathy, and willingness to do what it takes to do this for a living. If you're a STUDIED or MUSIC SCHOOL-EDUCATED player who thinks they have superior tastes in music, someone who doesn't want to TRY something in rehearsal because you think it won't work or is a stupid idea, is a non-communicator (nothing to ever say or contribute), has to LEAVE rehearsal early on a regular basis, cannot give or take constructive criticism and the creative, necessary, fruitful arguing that naturally occurs, is always broke, have a family/partner that comes first, have no or crappy equipment, flake out with B.S. excuses about rehearsals or gigs, thinks once a week practice is fine or DOESN'T PRACTICE EXCEPT AT REHEARSAL - Read no more. I've also been in situations where all the players are great, but there's zero chemistry because of the above mentioned. We'll take heart, dedication, and creativity over studied knowledge, and technique (although you do need some).If you've taken a good look at yourself and/or know yourself please read on. Of course, no one wants to play music they don't feel. We are very down-to-earth, yet extremely focused on the music aspect, and we all have daytime jobs. *Therefore*, very little to zero time is ever wasted during our rehearsals. We have a fully equipped 24x7 rehearsal space in Park Slope/Gowanus (Brooklyn) and rehearse 2-3 times per week 3 to 4 hours a clip (nothing gets done in 2 hours when your writing new material constantly).

We want musicians who are free of substance *abuse*. No, none of us are angels, but we can't do what we're doing if someone is dragging us down with their drug/alcohol *problems*. We also need someone who can contribute to the monthly rent of our rehearsal space. AGAIN, please understand that we are looking for a *bandmate*. Someone who has a team-player mentality, and will pitch in to do his fair share of band responsibilities (pay rent with us). We are NOT looking for a hired gun. We're presently mixing our 7-song EP. It should be completed and mastered by mid-February. We usually gig once per month with the short term goal being to tour outside the urban jungle when possible. Followings are not built in New York, they're built through touring (even if it's just on weekends in the region for now). If you do not believe me just ask a real band. Real bands tour and they'll tell you the difference between the Mid-West, the Mid-Atlantic, and some of the South compared to here in terms of audience.
If you'd like to explore this further, please visit us and our music at and If you'd like to hear more, we could easily supply you with more material.

If interested, please call Ben at 646-431-7106, or email us at

Updated:  January 13, 2009

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