Inspirition Resume

      INSPIRITION - now what is that all about? JAPRA - JAZZAMBIENTPOPROCKALTERNATIVE - a mouthful? Oh yes, this band (Isabel, Gren, Andy, Clive, Jools and Charlie) have been forming over the last two years, all of the six professional players have been treading the boards with their craft - some longer than others…., all devoted to producing sounds which change and delight whoever listens.

This music is often described first through its singer, Isabel Aimee - Pink, Kate Bush, Cyndie Lauper, Blondie even Enya… the mood is upbeat even when we are slow and dreamy (this is love, unspoken words, if you are real) and sometimes hard-edged, a little cutting (laser sharp, city, call in some help) but always wanting, needing to tell the truth…, whatever that is!

This UK band held its debut in Glastonbury, have played festivals in the UK in 2007 and 2008, London and the surrounding South West region of their origin. Next year we will be touring abroad (check our gigs page for current news) to promote our new album, Truth Telling. Join the INSPIRITive part of your listening career…! Go to our page to listen to full length tracks

Updated:  January 14, 2009

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