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Hi everybody! My name is John and I have been involved in music since I was born. When I first got into band I played oboe. In the music room we had posters that showed the different instrument families. I always looked at the woodwind double-reed section, and I always noticed that there was a big instrument on there that looked amazingly cool. It said "BASSOON" underneath the picture. I went up to my band director and asked her, "Can I play that?" Obviously she was a bit set back that a 5th grader came up to her and asked to play a different instrument their first year. She said, "You can't play it in the 5th grade band, but if you ask to play it next year in middle school, you should be able to play it." Needless to say I waited longingly for the day I would be able to play the Bassoon. The middle school I ended up going to didn't own one of the crappy Plastic Bassoons. In fact, my middle school was the only one in the district that had a wooden bassoon. Well, when I started playing it, I had to take private lessons to catch back up to the level everybody else was at, but I didn't stop there. I kep taking private lessons until I was ahead of everyone else. I practiced so much with my private lessons teacher and at home, that the very next year I was chosen to be in the districts middle school honor band. Which in fact leads into a little story.

My first year of honor band, I was a 7th grader. The first of only two together practices was on Wednesday, and I loved it, I had an absolutely wondrous time. When I got home, i went over to my friends house on my scooter. I had one of the push scooters that had the roller blade wheels. Me and my friend were racing down the sidewalk, him running, me on the scooter. Well, my front wheel turned a little bit and shot into the grass. As you know, roller blade wheels don't move in grass, unfortunately, nothing was there to stop me. I flew forward and landed on the side walk, my arm underneath my body. Needless to say it was broken. I was devastated, I wouldn't be able to go to the next practice, I.E. no honor band for me. Well, they couldn't stop me from playing in my schools band, so the next day (with the temporary cast on) I played in band as best I could. When I got the real cast on, I still played (it was a full arm cast). My band director was amazed at my willingness to keep playing. I was amazed to hear that most people would try to get out of playing just because their leg hurt. I had set a new bar for my entire band, and I was proud of myself. (I sound really full of myself there I'm sorry).

Well, the next year I got into honor band and stayed away from scooters. Then I got into high school, I played in the regular band for my freshman year and didn't like it even a little bit. So, the next year I auditioned for Symphonic Band (the higher band) and just made it in. Then, when chair placement came around, I surpassed the two other Bassoonists in the band. I am now first chair Bassoon in Symphonic Band as a Sophomore and I'm loving it. If you want to talk or anything like that, you can message me.

Also if you are interested in Martial Arts as well, talk to me, I know some wonderful sites that you will be able to get into.

Updated:  January 22, 2009

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