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Mumbi the waterbearer was born and raised in Kenya. She started singing at an early age, performing in school choirs, plays and musicals from the age of 7. In 1998, she moved to Chicago and though she majored in Business Administration, the windy city, known for its blues, jazz and house music, formed the basis of her musical education. Attending raves, reggae concerts, house clubes and jazz lounges, the waterbearer was reignited with the passion to sing and perform the world over.

In 2002, Mumbi moved to Switzerland for a summer intership. 7 years later she is still living and working in Genenva. In the last 7 years the waterbearer has been moving closer to this goal. Last year she recorded her first album that will be released this year, 2009. In preparation for her summer tour, the waterbearer will be performing at several reggae concerts in Switzerland.

A Poet at heart, the waterbearer blends Rhyme and Rhythm to create what she likes to call 'Message Music'. "In African culture music is a powerful medium to communicate amongst ourselves. Through Music we educate our children, communicate with our peers and commune with God. Music has always been an instrument of evolution and advancement. In this age our generation has the opportunity to use music as an instrument of change, as it connects people the world over." says the waterbearer.

Updated:  March 23, 2009

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